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Classical Swedish Massage 60min


This massage relieves pain, relaxes tissue, stimulates blood circulation, improving the elimination of waste in every part of the body. if you want to stay away from daily stress, you should try this massage.

Aromatherapy Massage 60min

Favourite selection 😍

This therapy is aims to revitalize tired body. In this therapy, aromatic extract oils are used and it contains from mixture of classical methods. It smoothes the body and gives vitality.

Medical Massage 60min

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For this massage, relaxant gels are used and generally are made on back and neck areas. It aims to provide relaxing and relief. Our therapists, according to your needs, works on requested areas, especially provide effective solutions to local tensions problems.

Deep Tissue Massage 60min


This is a traditional Far East method which provides to relax tired muscles mad applies with aromatical oils and is made pressure on specific points.

Sport Massage 60min


It gives importance to the prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons and stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph fluids.

Anti-Stress Massage 60min


This massage improves tissue vascularisation, reduces stress-related muscular tension. Having this massage therapy helps you make yourself feel relaxed and have a sense of well-being.

World Mix Massage 60min


Cellulite Massage 60min


Anti-cellulite massage helps reduce circulatory problems on cellulitis.. Because of that, we recommend that you have a few anti-cellulite massages to see a reduction in cellulite truthfully.

Indian Head Massage 30min


This therapy makes fast blood circulation, relax muscles with special techniques, applied with aromatic oils on face, hair, hair skin, neck, shoulder, back and upper body.

Reflexology Massage 30min


This therapy is aim to relax body, as applying pressure with specific method on hands and feet ‘’marma’’ points and stimulated.This therapy is traditional. Physical and mental balance are gained.

Specific SpaMarin Massage 30min


In line with needs of body, this special therapy is applied on head, neck, back and legs areas.